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man milks photoset over several days  

john barry
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Today is much like every other day.

Except TODAY, Alfred has failed to secure milk for Batman’s Daily Count Chocula !!!

Guy puts his life on the line, in a city that should long ago have been relegated to landfill status, and what does he get???? Dry friggin cereal !!!

BM hops in the BM with his trusty sidekick Robin riding shotgun. The Caped one’s mission is to secure a bounty of full fat, high proof milk, and plenty of it. Robin is about MINUTES away from a full bore intervention, due to his social media addiction. Continually updated and kept aware of the current girth of KK`s zip code derriere, Robin is cognizant of little else. He’s basically, spandexed seat filler.

If you’ve just formed a mental image of the Boy Wonder, that’s what you get for reading my narrative descriptors!

I COULD go on,but studies have shown that Forum aficionados have "selective" attention spans.........Best not to push it.Let the pictures tell the tale !!!!

Ok Ok…..maybe we clear up ONE MORE plot point….Tick and Arthur are not, technically,even in this one……they’ve just finished a long third shift over on 43rd, and are only trying to get home








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