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John Merritt
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1955 Packard Caribbean Convertible

-Issued by Franklin Mint in 1999. a LE # 2515 of 3000. White Jade, Jade Green & Emerald Green.

1955 Packard Caribbean 01
1955 Packard Caribbean 02
1955 Packard Caribbean 03
1955 Packard Caribbean 04
1955 Packard Caribbean 05
1955 Packard Caribbean 06
1955 Packard Caribbean 07
1955 Packard Caribbean 08

John Merritt
South Lyon, Michigan - USA

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George Schire
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John, beautiful photos as always with the Texaco nostalgia tossed in.  Mention should be made of the "golf clubs" that came with this Pebble Beach baby.  Smile Thanks as always for your Daily Dose of Diecast.  It along with the sunshine and my morning coffee always start my day off good.  

George Schire
Oakdale, Minnesota

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john barry
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what George said ^^^............thanks John

Tony Perrone
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Pluses 1 and 2 to both, above!

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Great Pics...thanks John! I've got 2 of the three versions...this one and the white/blue version which is my favorite. sold the white/pink one...just not among my favorite color combo's! LOL

David K Angeloni

Phil R
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I have both this and the original one with Pink accents.  Also the DM coupe in whitew/blue /brown.  All three are AWESOME models imo.  

David Green
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Very nice John. I've always had a soft spot for Packards and this set of fine pictures certainly adds to it. Thank you!