Puttin' on the Ritz...
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Puttin' on the Ritz....  

Rich Sufficool
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Black tie, tails and a top hat required. To me, this 1940 Duesenberg Town Car just epitomizes pre-war luxury. FM did quite a lineup of Duesenbergs including Raffi's phantom Coupé Simone, but this model goes to the top of class in sheer decadence.

1940 Duesenberg SJ 007 2
1940 Duesenberg SJ 002 1
1940 Duesenberg SJ 040 1
1940 Duesenberg SJ 005 1
1940 Duesenberg SJ 003 1
1940 Duesenberg SJ 013 1
1940 Duesenberg SJ 018 1
1940 Duesenberg SJ 010 1
1940 Duesenberg SJ 019 1
1940 Duesenberg SJ 044 1
1940 Duesenberg SJ 050 1

Tony Perrone
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Magnificent car, magnificent photos!

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Incredible 40's carriage.  Pics are fantastic!

Evan Morgan
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Nice pics of a fabulous car.

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great pics Rich. I was fortunate enough to score a MIB example on our auction site here a few years ago.

Bob Jackman
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Been a part of my collection more years than I care to remember. Super pictures.

John Merritt
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Outstanding model and photos. Such an amazing model and 1:1. The size of it is so incredible.

David Green
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Absolutely gorgeous. Thanks Rich.