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Princess Elizabeth Mustang (P-51)

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Ed Davis
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One of my 1/72 scale P-51 Mustang models has a connection to Queen Elizabeth.  In 1944, then Princess Elizabeth, was planning a visit to Bodney Airfield in England. It was decided that a suitably named aircraft might impress the Royal Party.  Only one Mustang was found without nose art, and the name Princess Elizabeth was added.  The pilot assigned to the plane, Lt. William Whisner, was not happy about the nickname and the extra publicity.  The plane was later lost in action, flown by a different pilot.  Many years later another P-51C was restored depicting this airplane.

The model I have was made by Gemini Jets over 10 years ago as part of their Gemini Aces series of WW2 and modern military aircraft.  It was an exclusive release for a UK based distributor of diecast aircraft, Flying Tigers Ltd.  For some reason, I never removed the model from its original packaging.  Here are some photos of packaging and the model.

IMG 3250
IMG 3252
IMG 3253
IMG 3256

There were several other P-51B/C models from Gemini Aces, some of which I purchased at that time.  Sometimes you can find them on Ebay

Ed Davis
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What a nice model of the Mustang P51C Ed. This one, I did not know about with the Elizabeth II connection. Nice move by the American squadron.