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1963 Split Window Corvette

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Ertl, not one of Ertl's best releases, multiple flaws but still a nice to look at 1963 split window Corvette, I ditched the terrible tires and rims that came with this and put on a set of Torq Thrust Mags with better tires. 

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Frank Reed
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I have 143 scale Spark model

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Jack Dodds
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@frank  I have this one from Spark too and love it.  The 63 is the most beautiful Corvette ever made IMHO.....as good as it gets!

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Larry kemling
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Ah yep, the 63’ split window was without a doubt the best looking Vette ever built,leastwise in IMHO.😂👍🏻

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It was like magic when these cars came out in 1963 - I remember getting my first look at them while watching the TV show Bonanza with my grandparents. I was watching with them because they had a color TV - As I remember it, the first Corvette they showed was red and that is the color I will forever associate with the 63 Vette. When Autoart put this model out I had to get one of each.

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Marty Johnson
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