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On another thread we've been discussing the pro's and con's (mostly the latter) of the '62 Dodge.  So from my garage wall ads, I thought it a good time to share these three ads that I have hanging there.  


The full size Dodge line debuted with a complete restyling of the previous years models and they were totally new from the ground up.  The focal point for the 1962 Dodge and Dart models was the all new design of the grille and headlamps, mounted at angles.  One was at the extreme edge of the car and the other was set in to the grille inboard and slightly above the outboard ones.  As for the grille, it was an oval that was wider at the top than at the bottom and filled with horizontal grille work in chrome.  

Dodge also announced a new line of cars for the year that were hoped to compete in the medium price field.  With the demise of the DeSoto in 1961, Chrysler faced the problem of not having a suitable entry in that price field, and so the new Dodge Custom 880 was on the scene.  The car was part '62 Chrysler from the cowl back, and part Dodge in the front.  

62 DODGE #W (2019 04 10 02 17 54 UTC)
62 DODGE #Y (2018 05 25 20 19 06 UTC)
62 DODGE #Z (2018 05 25 20 19 06 UTC)

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I remember very clearly, like it was yesterday,  lying on the dining room floor of my buddy's home reading the newspaper with him in the fall of 1961...9 years old.  I turned the page and there was a large ad for the 62 Dodge....I was absolutely astonished at what they had done to this car!  I thought it was horrible looking and kept that thought for many more years...50+ in fact.  I have softened on my opinion very considerably in my old age though.  Lol.

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I find these really cool and fascinating cars and would love a model of one of these. It was, of course, a serious mistake to downsize the full-size Dodges and Plymouths, and frankly, they never should have done an emergency change like this to the nearly-completed Exner (S-Series) designs for the Chrysler Corp cars (Dodge, Plymouth, DeSoto, Chrysler and Imperial), as the hasty additional downsize badly hurt the styling. I definitely like the original Exner designs !

Yet, I still find them really interesting cars and think they all would make for fine additions to a model collection. Yet, more replicas that would be awesome in SunStar's 1/18 Platinum series.