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Saw this heading and thought of a little display I had not looked at for awhile. (it is hidden behind another cabinet just off the floor)


IMG 1523
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The Duesy was awesome in it's day, and what a sound it makes. A race car on main street. It is my choice.

Production Engine Displacement Bore x stroke Cam and valve Model
1921-27 260 259.7 cu in (4,256 cc)[2] 2.8750" X 5.0000" (72.16 x 125.50 mm) SOHC 2v A,X
1928-37 420 419.7 cu in (6,878 cc) 3.7500" X 4.7500" (94.12 x 119.23 mm) DOHC 4v J,SJ,SSJ


What do you think?

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