UPDATE 2/24/2021

The Auctions are now almost complete and will be launched soon. The Cars Lists and Reviews are a major project and that is underway. Other new features will also be added soon.

UPDATE 12/11/2020

All past members must create a new password or a new account before the member can post to the forums. The old password system was obsolete. The new system is the latest technology and is very secure. Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Go to the Forums. Click the Login in Tab at the top of the Forum. Immediately click the Lost your password link.
  2. Enter the e-mail address you think you used in the past and click the reset password tab / box. Check your e-mail and get your new password.
  3. If you get a message that says “invalid e-mail” message. That just means you are not using the e-mail you used in the past, or the new system did not record your e-mail when we made the change. If you get that message, simply click the Register tab / box at the top of the Forum.
  4. Enter a username and e-mail and click “Register”

After you reset a password or register a new account, the user will receive an email from The Diecast Zone with instructions and the link to confirm the account or update the password.  This process takes less than one minute if you simply follow the instructions.

**UPDATE 12/7/2020 The Developers for the new website are working on the New Scale Model Car Forums, adding all kinds of brand new and fun features! The Forums will be the first part of the site to go live! Stay Tuned!

The brand new Diecast Zone Website is coming soon…

The Diecast Zone Model Car Club and Website will be bigger and better than ever.

New Forums! New Auctions! New Features! Stay tuned…..

We are the first and the original site dedicated to collectors of diecast scale models. Diecast models are a great way to display your love of cars, motorcycles, trucks and history. Whether you spell it diecast, die-cast or die cast… whether your scale is 1:18, 1:24, 1:43, or 1:64 you’re in the right place to enjoy the hobby of diecast collecting.

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