1/8 Fiat F2 Pocher
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1/8 Fiat F2 Pocher

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I am not a 1:12 or larger scale collector, but collect oldtimers in 1:24 scale from Franklin and Danbury mint. But i couldn't resist this 1/8 Fiat by Pocher. It is built like it has just been found in an old barn. Many details, like the rope around the steering wheel. I believe only the name of the driver Nazarro was not correct, it should have been Nazzaro. But i am so pleased with this dusty old Italian car 😁

IMG 20210715 205316
IMG 20210715 201523
IMG 20210715 WA0010
IMG 20210715 205222
IMG 20210715 205539
IMG 20210715 205647
IMG 20210715 WA0006
IMG 20210716 172744


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Fantastic build!!! The weathering is just perfect. Not only is this a museum piece, it looks like the 1:1 in the Indy museum. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

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I like the weathered look. I have this in painted but unweathered condition. Built it in the late 1970s and it now resides with my son. It is one of six Pochers that I built at that time. Most now need repair, which I never seem to get around to doing.



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