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Pocher's 1/8 scale 1977 Volvo F12

Clifford Read
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A huge model, built a long time ago but kept in a dust free display case. My paint was all lacquer back then.

I always find Pocher kits to be somewhat strange in that they're impressive and beautifully conceived, but usually only about 95% resolved, with a bunch of details that need to be modified to complete the models. I have the feeling that after months of development, someone in authority told the Pocher designers and molders that enough time had been spent...now get it out the door!

2 P4210083
5 P4210086
4 P4210085
7 P4210088
6 P4210087
8 P4210089
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What a great looking build !

Bob Jackman
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Another gem from the Read collection.