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the 1967 All American Racers Eagle Gurney Weslake Mk 1 Formula 1... [PIC]

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Eager to form his own Grand Prix race team, with backing from Firestone, he formed the "Anglo-American Eagle Race Team" in England in 1965. Starting with the Coventry-Climax 4 cylinder, By 1966 the 3.0 liter Gurney Weslake V12 was run while being refined. In 1967, Gurney was back in the US building his own Eagle race car called the mag-ti car for the use of magnesium and titanium in its structure which eliminated its weight disadvantage. With the V12, it seemed a sure winner. Its first race at Spa-Francorchamps was a complete success making it the first American driver and American car to win a Grand Prix since 1921. Unfortunately, it would be the last victory. At the German Grand Prix, despite pole position and fastest lap times, it retired due to axle failure. Out of time and money, he withdrew from the European circuit, but his Eagles went on to dominate Indy in the '70s.

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Another impressive post Rich. What a great model. I have it in 1/43 scale (SMTS), nice but nothing like the extreme detail on this one.

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@david-green Generally, I use photography to pick up details easily missed. With a model like this, the question is : when do I stop shooting?

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What an absolutely beautiful race car !! I've been lucky to have met Dan Gurney. His shop is here in Santa Ana, CA. 

I met him at his book signing event in Burbank with my youngest brother in tow. Jay Leno showed up in a 1912 ? Buick.  Jay called us all outside to see his ride and introduced Dan as the original buyer when the Buick was built. We all fell down laughing. 

What a great time and day we all had !

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I saw this one on the road... 

IMG 1802 1
IMG 1804