1937 Jaguar SS100.....
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1937 Jaguar SS100... [PIC]

Rich Sufficool
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For a 1/18 model of this Jag, return to the 80s and snag this Bburago. This was another kit build.

37JagSS100 001 1
37JagSS100 002 1
37JagSS100 003 1
37JagSS100 010 1
37JagSS100 006 1
37JagSS100 004 1
37JagSS100 022


David Green
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Mine is still in the Bburago box unbuilt. It is a pleasure to see it in full view and detail.

Great images Rich. Thank you.

Bob Jackman
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Nice build Rich. Thanks for sharing.

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Bburago's SS100 was the 1:18 that really got my into the scale.  Still have that silver on red model.