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a Super American Ferrari... [PIC]

Rich Sufficool
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In 2005, the front engined 397 hp 5.8 liter Ferrari Superamerica was released and, yes, seemed very much aimed at the American market. This Pininfarina design offered berlinetta performance, but also featured an electrically retractable (revolving) hard top made with electrochromic glass that allowed the driver to adjust the tint from optically clear to blocking out all but 1% of sunlight.

SuperAM 003
SuperAM 028 001
SuperAM 002
SuperAM 001 001
SuperAM 018
SuperAM 024
SuperAM 012
SuperAM 011
SuperAM 023
SuperAM 013
SuperAM 030
SuperAM 014
SuperAM 016
SuperAM 017
SuperAM 015
SuperAM 008
SuperAM 025 001
SuperAM 031
SuperAM 020 001


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Great looking model by Hot Wheels Elite.  I have the same one in blue.  Really wish HWE had kept the Ferrari license, as they made great models (most of the time) at a reasonable price.

with its predecessor, the 550 Barchetta (also by HW...though this one is not an Elite)

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Great looking Ferrari replicas !