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The 1969 Holden Hurricane dream car (an odd name with Australia in the southwest Pacific; you'd think it would be "Cyclone") was to change Holden's stodgy image and elevate the mark to more modern standards. Its trendy wedge shape was similar to the Bertone Stratos, ferrari's 512Sb and the '72 Maserati Boomerang. Loaded to the gills with technology and electronics it also featured Holden's first V8, a 253 cid  mid-mounted engine with a 4 speed transaxle. Electronic gizmos included a pre-GPS navigation system, a wide angle camera in the rear hooked up to a CCTV on the dash and a hydraulically powered canopy (no doors) that simultaneously raised the nearly prone seats upright for entry and exit. The styling, advanced technology and electronics never made it into production, but the V8 did and its availability in production cars increased Holden sales dramatically.

IMG 8373
Holden Hurricane Concept 1969 1280 04
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1969 Holden HurricaneConcept4
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1969 Holden HurricaneConcept7
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Funny, I just read about this Hurricane last month in an old Motor Trend Classic (a fantastic magazine that is unfortunately out of print...I get mine on Ebay).  Great car & history.