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Dyno Don Nicholson is in the HOUSE!!!

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In the mid-1960s, I lived, ate, and breathed all forms of motorsports.  Cars, boats, motorcycles, it didn't matter; I followed them all.  I was particularly fond of drag racing.  As a teenager, my actual involvement didn't go beyond reading about the cars in the magazines like Super Stock & Drag Illustrated, Car Craft, and Hot Rod! Although at that young age, I never attended a live event (Hydroplanes excepted as they raced on the Detroit River and we could watch them free of charge), that never dampened my enthusiasm for the sport.  

As a forever Ford Fan, my absolute favorite driver was Dyno Don Nicholson.  He was one of the premier Ford Factory drivers concentrating primarily in Mercury cars.  When ACME announced they were going to reproduce in 1:18 diecast of his 1965 Mustang, which he raced in 1970, I submitted my pre-order immediately!  It has arrived, and it is a welcome addition to go with my other '65 Factory Mustangs from Gas Ronda, Bill Lawton, and soon to arrive, Al Joniec's Batcar.  This is fun stuff! 

BTW, kudos to ACME for replicating the 1/4 elliptical twisted leaf spring that formed the front suspension of these drag racing Mustangs.  The reproduction of the nodular iron carrier casing for the differential is accurate in color too.  When I worked at the Dearborn Iron Foundry in 1969, we poured those castings.    

1 18 Scale
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Just finished reading the attached Dyno Don book. Every car he ever campaigned, as well as just about every race he ran, is covered in extreme detail. Incredible book,

Super Stock & Drag Illustrated was the best magazine, ever.



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Love it!!!