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I love Orphans... [PIC]

Rich Sufficool
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As a kid, these Kaiser Manhattans were a real head-turner. With those cowled font and rear windows, the "Darrin Dip" and cool tail lights it seemed like something Batman would drive. They were fairly expensive for the time with their plush padded interior but suffered from a lack of V8 power even with the introduction of a Paxton supercharger in the  '54 to '55 models. Kaiser had contracted with Oldsmobile for their V8 to be used under license but the deal was killed by government demands for Korean War production. H-61 did a really nice job on these '53s. This maroon/white model has all the deluxe add-ons including the unique twin mirror/spotlights.  I only wish they would have made a '54-'55 model with that eye-popping 'baleen' grill. That design continued to be produced from 1958 to 1962 in Argentina where it was renamed the Kaiser Carabela.

53Kaiser 033
53Kaiser 034
53Kaiser 031
53Kaiser 026
53Kaiser 010
53Kaiser 021
53Kaiser 027
Kaiser 018
Kaiser 017
53Kaiser 004
53Kaiser 006
1 Kaiser 034   Copy 001

This is my favorite model... the '54-'55. I have a Manhattan and a Carabela in 1/43 and a 1/25 Banthrico bank conversion in probably 1/25 (shown).

1954kaisermanhattan 1
Kaiser 007
Kaiser 002



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Mike DeTorrice
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Great images of this fantastic Highway 61 release. What superb subject matter ! I had to get more than one of these H61 beauties, too, including this deluxe Kaiser.

Christopher Moroni
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An awesome 1/18!  I was so disappointed when the announced 4-door tooling was canceled.

Bob Jackman
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Have these two 1/18s along with several 1/43 scale. Nice writeup Rich.

John Merritt
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Excellent models. I have the darker one along with a light green. I've seen one in black that looks awesome too.

John Merritt
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