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"It Gives You in 1933 the Car of 1940"... [PIC]

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Rich Sufficool
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The Pierce Arrow "Silver Arrow" debuted at the 1933 New York Auto Show as the epitome  of future styling, power and luxury. Designed by Phillip O. Wright, 5 of this model were built with a price tag of $10,000 each. The all steel fastback design had no running boards, headlights integrated into the fenders and rather than side mounting the spares, the were stored in fender cabinets. A 175 hp V12 could propel the car to 115 mph. Of the 5 built, only 3 remain... and they all claim to be the car from NY Auto Show.

Fun Fact: The bodies were actually built by Studebaker craftsmen as Studebaker owned Pierce-Arrow from 1928 to 1933.

This is a surprisingly well done model by Signature for its low pricepoint and vastly superior to the 1/24 Danbury Mint horror show.

33PSA 006
33PSA 010
33PSA 035
33PSA 038 1
33PSA 030


33PSA 014
33PSA 029
33PSA 026
33PSA 016 001
33PSA 017
33PSA 032 1
33PSA 047
33PSA 005
33PSA 040 001
33PSA 033
33PSA 038 1

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Paul Rouffa
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One of my favorites.

David Green
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Wow! I'm impressed with this detailed model. Great post Rich.

Mike DeTorrice
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What a magnificent car ! This was a brilliant 1/18 model by Signature. I have the less common edition from them which was in overall gleaming black with silver accent areas.

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Larry kemling
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I always wondered though why oh why have there not been other models of the Pierce Arrows produced…??🤔😥😒
the only one in the 1930s I’ve found was a sweet little 1930 Roadster in 1/32.

Christopher Moroni
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In 1933, this would've been tremendously futuristic. The crowds must have been awestruck.