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"It Was a Death Trap, But I Needed the Money"

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Rich Sufficool
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That was Bill "Grumpy" Jenkins talking about his 1965 Plymouth Belevedere ll "Black Arrow" S/SA Hemi drag car and why he drove it. With the tell-tale tan interior with radio, heater and rear seat deletes, it appeared to have been shipped to Jenkins in S/SA configuration to Jenkins to then do his magic. The car took Top Stock at the 1965 NHRA Winternationals. The car was actually owned by Doc Burgess who kept it for a few years. In 1966, he altered the wheelbase and added injectors. In 1968 it was sold and ran as the "Storm King ll" and bt 1970, it was stripped and sent to the bone yard. This one of the first '65 Belevederes from H-61 that I jumped having owned and adored my Satellite Commando CV. I loved that one year body design. The model , for all its accuracy has a ridiculously thick hood scoop and I can't figure out why.

DelahayeBelvedere 019
DelahayeBelvedere 025
DelahayeBelvedere 003
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DelahayeBelvedere 034
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David Green
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Interesting story and car Rich. Excellent images as always. I always enjoy your posts.

Christopher Moroni
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Nice pics & post Rich. Did anyone or will anyone ever do 1/18 vintage drag cars better than Highway 61?   Not likely. 

"Think hood scoop?"   No problem, detach it, file down that "thick lip,"  then re-attach it.  EZ-Peazy brother!  😎 😎 

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