Sadly, this '57 wil...
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Sadly, this '57 will be a 2-dr......

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Long time collectors may recall that years ago HW 61 "suggested"  they would tool up a FOUR DOOR sedan from their 1/18 1957 Chevrolet 150 2-dr sedan. They promoted an authentic 1957 US Army staff car livery. I remember seeing this 4-dr on HW 61 sites/brochures under, "Coming soon." 

Like their proposed 4-dr 1/18 Kaiser, it never happened.

Greenlight will NOW produce this 1957 US Army car but in a 2-dr sedan body style, which, as far as I can tell, is not accurate. Apparently, the US government only ordered 4-drs.

As "tri-five"  fans know, it's EASY to convert 4-drs to 2-drs because the C-pillar location remains constant. Therefore, it would be relatively easy (so it seems ) to tool-up a 1/18 4-dr and subsequently release several different liveries (taxi, fire, police, stock, etc...)  

So.... the Army car is coming, but it will be a 2-dr. 😣 🙄 😥 

Army 57 2
Army 57 3



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