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I just received the Smokey Yunick 1967 Chevrolet C10 shop truck by ACME, there are a few incorrect details but it still is a cool truck, better in person than in the online photos I have seen. 

The errors are the hood is from a 1971/72 C10 not a 1967 C10. The rear window was also smaller in 1967 it was enlarged starting with the 1968 model year, the engine is also not correct because the 454 C.I. big block was not available in 1967, but those errors do not take away what is a tribute vehicle to Smokey Yunick. 


Here are some photos of the truck: 


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4E154258 3313 47FA AD24 25ECB1C1BB1D
C3F95507 2062 4E07 BE47 3C005BB4B8F6


5872F6E0 AF84 4895 8132 4EAD7025DC45
F7B5F62E 8430 4BA3 A0FA A3E93BDF8DAA


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2D9F6E50 EFB8 442F BB32 EB4900897EBA


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713DA30B B258 4C76 AF80 DD509F7E0870


CEAE6D64 2FD1 4FFE 85B4 7FA90B07715B
84D739D4 B2DC 4ECC 968A 283425215EF6


8947DA42 0F2B 4682 B468 159D6E468E71
516E0BAC 6A34 47F4 9B4D 5A887A4799AB


DC0A3ED7 F3AF 48EA 9D2D E9374BB498A2
C1D39AC5 7CF2 42C2 9D73 5C3A7763A9EE


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Because this is a "shop truck", it would not be unusual that some parts are not OEM and yes, the 454 was only available from 70-00. Deceitful  

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Smokey Yunick never actually had a shop truck like this, this is just a tribute truck for diecast collectors, that is why it is still a cool truck but you have to admit that ACME really dropped the ball on this and others they did up in other schemes. 

To start with they for some reason decided to call this truck a 1967 but they got some important details wrong, while the general body style is correct and the grill is a 1967 ACME dropped the ball on the following: 

1. Hood is from the 1971/72 model years. 

2. The rear window is too large, in 1967 the rear window was smaller, the enlarged rear window showed up in 1968.

3. The 454 C.I. engine was not available in a C10 pickup until the next body style in 1973.

In 1973, with the 454 having left the high performance world and migrated over to sedans, personal luxury coupes, and 'utes, GM decided to also add it to the pickup truck order sheet at Chevrolet and GMC. 

The Big Block was not even available in the C10 until 1968 and that was the 396 C.I. engine, the 396 soldiered on until ’71, when it was punched out to 402 cu in and labeled the 400, producing nearly exactly the same power as it did in 396 guise (despite a consumer-scaring switch to net horsepower ratings in most advertising).

Fun fact: all 396 engines across the Chevy lineup were actually bored 0.30 over in 1969 due to lax emissions standards for engines over 400 cubic inches. In the Chevelle, which had built an entire brand around the 396, Chevrolet kept this hush-hush, but in the pickups, where it was known by the L47 RPO code, it was alternately labeled 396 or 400, confusing gearheads for decades afterwards.


Fun little facts to know. 

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@john3976 Thanks for the tutorial, John. I knew some of that but you put it all in historical context. I didn't know that back then there were lower emission standards for 400+ cid engines. That explains a lot. I was in SEA from 68-71 so that was something more I missed (besides Woodstock. LOL).