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Marty Johnson
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... the mice will play! 

For weeks, it has either been raining and/or cloudy in So Cal.  Heck, just yesterday, we had a snowstorm!  Literally!  A snowstorm with the snow coming down like a blizzard.  It wasn't cold enough to stick, but all the neighbors were contacting each other, making sure we caught this rare event. 

I'm starting with the magnificent 1962 Cadillac Eldorado!  For many years, I've coveted this model.  Until now, no one has made one in 1:24 or 1:18 scale.  Finally, a new company called Mitica has produced a resin model.  The only working feature is the poseable front wheels.  Still, it is quite dramatic and appears to be spot-on accurate in scale and detail.  

62 Caddy 1
62 Caddy 10
62 Caddy 2
62 Caddy 3
62 Caddy 8
62 Caddy 9
62 Caddy 4
62 Caddy 5
62 Caddy 6

Big Bear Mountain!  It has more snow than I've ever seen before.  

Big Bear

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Congrats on that Cadillac model. You chose a beautiful color combo !


Mike DeTorrice
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The 1962 Cadillac looks excellent ! A very good-looking car and resin model of it.

Christopher Moroni
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This '62 is gorgeous, I'm so glad to see posable steering (something I discovered AFTER I posted pics weeks ago ).  I take issue with two things:

1) For 1962, these whitewalls are simply too wide. '62 was the first year for "slim-bands" (or the Modern Whitewall ).  I realize dozens of restored '62 Eldos ride on wide-whites but none ever left the factory that way.  It's an easy fix, but...... 🙄 🙄 🙄 

2) That "pleated"  boot is well replicated, but I'm not convinced it's factory-accurate. Again, there're numerous restored '62 Cadillacs like this but I'm not certain it's factory correct.   Does anyone know?

I would LOVE to have a '62 (top-up please) but only it was a full function diecast.  I still can't except a sealed 1/18 resin....but MAN(!!) this one is tempting. It looks so good from every angle!

(I'd love-hint-hint-a chassis pic to see just how MITICA engineered that steering!) 👍 👍 👍 

Cad 62 new car Bro 2
Cad 62 new car Bro