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The Everlasting '33 Willys... [PIC]

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In 1959,"Ohio George" Montgomery's Cadillac powered 1933 Willys coupe made its debut at the NHRA Nationals in Detroit winning "Little Eliminator" in the somewhat new Gas Coupe class which pretty much were dragster components under a stock appearing body. His car, with its light weight and short wheelbase did for the relatively rare '33 Willys what Stone Woods & Cook did for the '41. This car was frequently modified with weight saving and drive train upgrades, right up to the end of the Gasser Era and the beginning of Funny Cars. Billed as "the World's Wildest Willys", by 1965, to compete with the hemis and big block Chevys, he made a deal with Ford Racing Division for their SOHC 427 and a programmable C-6 transmission and also chopped the top to reduce drag. In this final form, it won at the '66 Indy Nationals and the '67 Winternationals in California. It was then an 8 second 160 mph monster. This Willys has survived the years being found and restored back at George's Speed Shop in Dayton and was then acquired by the Henry Ford Museum where it resides today.

This is a really great model by Precision Miniatures.

33Willys 038
33Willys 023
33Willys 025
33Willys 010
33Willys 043
33Willys 006
33Willys 005
33Willys 003
33Willys 002
33Willys 029
33Willys 027 001


33Willys 039
33Willys 008
33Willys 015
33Willys 018

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I have this same car.


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Marty Johnson
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The '33 Willys is a great model of the rear car.  The excellent photographs show exquisite detail too. 

I believe Ford forced Ohio George to abandon the '33 Willys in favor of the 1967 Ford Mustang.  I'm not certain about this fact, but I think I remember reading somewhere the A/GS rules require a chassis of a certain vintage or earlier.  Montgomery fitted the '33 Willys chassis to the modern '67 Mustang. 



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@marty-johnson Yes. It was the end of the Gasser Era and George went all in with Ford with his Mustang Funny Car ... still a Gasser and also the end of the era. BTW: I love your Mustang model.

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Precision Miniatures sure did some terrific models and this amazingly detailed Willys is definitely one of them.