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The Ultimate Miura... [PIC]

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Rich Sufficool
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The Lamborghini Miura, produced from 1966 to 1973 was the first production supercar with a mid mounted, two seat layout. Ghandini of Bertone gave a timeless simple design that still is loved today. The problem with this elegant shape that allows the air to flow by virtually unimpeded, was it's propensity to go airborne at high speeds. The Jota series was to solve this problem with aerodynamic add-ons to keep the front end on the ground. ("Jota" is the letter "J" which refers to Appendix J of the FIA handbook which laid out the regulations for sports and GT cars).

This Jota SVR, one of one, was the ultimate expression of light weight, speed, power and downforce. It began life as a 1968 Miura S bought by a demanding owner that kept bringing the car back to the factory for more and more upgrades, and this was the result. He kept the car for a few years before selling it (because he couldn't get it registered as street legal in Germany) to Hiromitsu Ito and the car spent most of its life in Japan receiving a lot of notoriety there even starring in a comic book series. Lamborghini finally got the car back and after 19 months, brought the car back to its 1974 configuration. While certainly not the prettiest of Miuras, this one-off represents the end point of its evolution.

Jota 001
Supercar 001 001
Jota 003
Supercar 005 001
Jota 007
Jota 006
Jota 014
Supercar 009 001
Jota 015
Supercar 006
Supercar 007
Supercar 002 001
Supercar 012
Supercar 017
MiuraSV 035 001


David Green
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Fabulous car even with that ugly roof spoiler. I learned a lot from the information in this post Rich. Outstanding photography as always.

Christopher Moroni
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Interesting facts Rich...and yes, not the best looking Miura but I get it. Makes a cool model though!

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The Miura is one of my favorite all-time designs.  The Jota takes those beautiful lines & adds the aggression that was missing.  Love this model & considering its age, its extremely well done.