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23 Windows and a Rag Top To Boot!... [PIC]

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The Volkswagen T2 Microbus or Combi or camper or what ever you want to call it in all its permutations was produced from 1950 to 1967. This 1962 Samba, the 23 window with pull back canvas top known as the Sunroof Deluxe in the US, had its origin in 1951 and, by 1962 was powered by a 1600 cc flat 4 that still couldn't climb a hill without a running headstart. The deluxe Samba went from a 21 window to the most desirable and rare 23 with the addition of 2 curved windows at the rear corners. Only 5-10% of all the Microbusses were made in this deluxe configuration and a good majority were either beaten to death or rusted into dust. FM did a really nice job for the era that included realistic hinges and photo-etched wipers. Missing on the steering wheel hub is the distinctive Wolfsburg shield on black background.

VW Microbus 009
VW Microbus 003
VW Microbus 008
VW Microbus 014 001
VW Microbus 012 001
VW Microbus 013
VW Microbus 005
VW Microbus 006
VW Microbus 004


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Tony Perrone
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They make great campers - so long as you substitute the 4 banger for a Porsche Twin-Turbo! (And add curtains) LOL!  Phenomenal pics Pal!

Pete Rovero
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Nice model with lots of working features. Great pics Rich!

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Have the red/white and sold the blue/white.  Wish I hadn't now.