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A Distressed 1932 Ford V8 B400 Convertible Sedan... [PIC]

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Rich Sufficool
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Distressed by a Browning Automatic Rifle, from the twisted mind of George Bojaciuk. Called the "Bonnie & Clyde Edition - Bullet Hole Version". SO many fun details and accessories. There's a small arsenal in the truck, a period Joplin Globe newpaper stuffed in the map pouch and faux horse hair insulation blown out by the bullets. It's a real fun piece of a fairly rare '32 Ford model.

32Ford 018 001
32Ford 003
32Ford 002 001
32Ford 028 001
32Ford 027
32Ford 004 001
32Ford 006
32Ford 005
32Ford 007 001
32Ford 013
32Ford 021
32Ford 011
32Ford 010
32Ford 014
32Ford 023
32Ford 031
32Ford 019


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David Green
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Quite a ‘fun’ model to own. Thanks Rich.

John Napoli
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Always wanted one of these, even though it is not what I like to collect, but I like what George did with the bullet holes.  It tells a story.  Unfortunately to this day I still have not gotten one.  

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Pete Rovero
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I saw this at my local Franklin Mint Gallery store when it first came out.  I should have bought it at the time, as I recall it sold out fairly quickly.  In my early days of collecting, I thought these models would be around forever.  I was pretty naive.

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Tony Perrone
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A tad bit of additional history: The 1932 B400 was a special production 1:1 car. This diecast model of the car was not issued in the normal numbers that were The Franklin Mint standards. After initial production there was negative input from their customers and TFM deemed it too macabre and discontinued it. A slight retooling was made and it was issued once again, in good numbers, but in the bullet-hole-less version from thereon. 

I display mine with all of its accoutrements, along with the 1930 Capone Cadillac, 1932 Elliot Ness Caddy and the Dillinger 1933 Ford, and as with the Bonnie & Clyde car, with the paraphernalia that came with them.

The actual 'death car' of the crime duo was, in fact a 1934 Ford V8 that now resides in Nevada - https://www.roadsideamerica.com/story/2894