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A Dose of Diecast... Wednesday 11/24/21

John Merritt
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1957 Cadillac Eldorado Biarritz & Seville - Danbury Mint

1957 Cadillac Eldo B&S 4
1957 Cadillac Eldo B&S 3
1957 Cadillac Eldo B&S 1
1957 Cadillac Eldo B&S 2
1957 Cadillac Eldo B&S 6
1957 Cadillac Eldo B&S 5
1957 Cadillac Eldo B&S 7

John Merritt
South Lyon, Michigan - USA

Phil R
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Wow thanks for these gorgeous photos of these DM gems!!   IMO Both are up there with the finest in 1:24 diecast.  When I look back that these models were about $140-150+ towards the end and back then I thought “wow these are nice but quite costly”  I now realize for what we got it was a steal !!!!!!  Hindsight usually hurts and definitely does since our scale has dried up in “precision models”.  

Rich Sufficool
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I have the convertible and it's a beauty. I'm kinda sorry now I didn't spring for the hardtop.

Pete Rovero
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Excellent photos John!  I wish I had gotten the green hardtop as well...

George Schire
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WOW!  WOW!  WOW!  Your photos pop these two Danbury Mint babies!  I have both, love both, and have the BLUE hardtop too!  All three are WOW!  

George Schire
Oakdale, Minnesota

Evan Morgan
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I have the Convertible, but passed on the Coupes.

Bob Jackman
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I'm glad to say that I have all three of these beauties. I agree with Phil's thoughts completely.

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Beautiful pics, Mr. Carnutz.  I have both of these.  I got the Biarritz from DM but passed on the Seville, which I ended up purchasing years later on that other auction site for significantly more than the issue price. Oh, well. Still worth it, imo.