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A Fire-Breathing Woody.... [PIC]

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Rich Sufficool
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For over a decade post war, Buick had to be the most recognizable American marque with its massive toothy maw. One of my first large diecasts was a Hubley late 40-ish Buick with a chromed hardtop that slid under the rear seat to make a convertible (I have pics of it somewhere). Anyway, this 1947 Buick Series 79 Roadmaster Estate Wagon Woody 5-door was one of 344 built for that year. Powered by their 320 cid "Fireball" straight 8 that developed 144 hp, the 4400 lb beast could reach 84 mph. The 3 row interior was decked out in luxury appointments that, at $3249, was their most expensive model.

Fantastic model by DM.

Buick 003
Buick 002
Buick 013
Buick 008
Buick 007
Buick 022 001
Buick 020
Buick 010 001
Buick 016
Buick 018
Buick 017
Buick 001
Buick 011 001
Buick 006


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John Merritt
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What a beautiful model. DM did a fantastic job on this one. My favorite of the ones DM did.

John Merritt
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Thanks for the pics Rich, it brings back childhood memories. My grandfather was an independent car parts supplier and traveled the country in his '47 Buick Roadster Wagon trailer in tow in the 1950's. This model was a beast as he also pulled his airstream to Texas every winter with it to escape our Minnesota winters.