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Another Porsche Classic... [PIC]

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From 1906 to 1923, Ferdinand Porsche was the chief designer for the Austro-Daimler Autoworks. !923, he was hired by Mercedes (Daimler-Benz) where he began designing successful racing and sports cars with or without superchargers. Where Mercedes preferred to produce LWB touring cars, Porsche preferred shorter wheel base high  performance vehicles. As a touring car, his crowning achievement was the Model K series with a shorter wheel base powered by his 6¼ liter 8 cylinder producing a standard 110hp or 160hp with a Roots type supercharger. This 1926 Model K is called a Transformable Torpedo with coachwork by Jacques Saoutchik of Paris. "Transformable" refers to the top's ability to be folded up and hidden in the trunk. Although the K series was innovative and and successful with the performance and luxury it offered, Porsche's insistence that this should be the future of Mercedes lead to their parting and Porsche taking a  lead position at Steyr Automotive in 1929.

M BK 002
M BK 005 001
M BK 006
M BK 008 001
M BK 003 001
M BK 015
M BK 011
M BK 001
M BK 021
M BK 007
M BK 020


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another great photo and history essay! thanks Rich

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Wow! Love both the car and your post. Thanks once again.