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Born From the 1954 Motorama Concept Car the "Orleans".... [PIC]

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with its special body from the Fisher-Fleetwood plant, the 1957 Series 70 Eldorado Brouham was Cadillac's vision of the perfect car. The offering came at a price with its MSRP of $13,358 ($130K today) which could also buy you a comfortable home in '57. Luxury amenities abounded with scores of interior options with a minibar in the dash with a full woman's vanity stocked with everything she'd need including a bottle of Arpege de Lanvin perfume. The exterior featured a brushed stainless pillarless hardtop, copious stainless trim, suicide doors and the first car with quad headlamps, which were illegal in the US at the time. The car was powered by a tri-power 365cid 335 bhp OHV V8 coupled to a 3 speed Hydramatic transmission that rode on self-leveling air coil suspension (which turned out to be somewhat problematic). At 5315 lbs, it was the epitome of Cadillac owners excuse of "Yeah, but once this baby gets rolling....".

Model by Franklin Mint:

57 Brougham 004
57 Brougham 003 001
57 Brougham 006
57 Brougham 001 001
57 Brougham 002
57 Brougham 013 001
57 Brougham 019 001
57 Brougham 009 001
57 Brougham 012 001
57 Brougham 015 001
57 Brougham 014 001
57 Brougham 021 001
57 Brougham 008 001

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Tony Perrone
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WOW. If chrome were gold - That's a 13 million dollar car. Laugh  

Bob Jackman
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Have it along with the black version.

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John Napoli
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@bob-jackman Yes I have both as well, and the black one has the paint blistering on the doors.  Probably should get it fixed.  Great shots Rich.

Bob Jackman
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@carsman1958 John, I understand that is a common problem with the black car. I have been lucky as mine has not had that problem.

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What a great-looking Cadillac ..... and quite expensive at the time. I have the 1/18 by SunStar and it's a excellent car and diecast model.

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