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Cars of the 30`s vs Man`s Best Hooved Friends

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Even as late as the mid-30`s,some were still on the fence over the Horse vs Motorcar kerfuffle......It was a foregone conclusion that Ol`Boscoe would eventually be put out to pasture.But the transition period was NOT without it`s photo-opportunistic moments

We join our anachronistic hero today, who simply wants to get out and enjoy some fresh air in his sweet `36 Cabriolet. Maybe take a slow crawl through the Horse Park…..See if any of the Fillies from the old days still hung out there


boj2021 1936ford 01
boj2021 1936ford 02
boj2021 1936ford 03
boj2021 1936ford 04
boj2021 1936ford 05
boj2021 1936ford 06
boj2021 1936ford 07