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Chavrolet week rare '60

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David Vandermeer
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I was able to get this smoke and heat damaged car several years ago. I completely disassembled it and thoroughly cleaned it up as best I could.

Then I watched for a cheap doner red convertible and white hardtop. I was able to get both at very reasonable prices and soon had thes result.

20210117 141111
20210116 233424
20210116 233215
20201023 155707
20201023 160232

 The windows and all trim along with the interior were beyond saving.

20230524 220924
20230524 220939
20230524 221011
20230524 221129

 Finished car sports small block and entire frame and interior from the convertible; the glass and roof from the white hardtop. 3 cars became one.

Posing with blue repaint, 496 of 2500, and Walmart '57 and '55 Chief car.



David Vandermeer
Corinth, Texas

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Mike DeTorrice
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A great save resulting in a really good-looking 1960 Chevrolet.

Geoff Jowett
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looks fabulous David, well done!

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Tony Perrone
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VERY cool!

Bob Jackman
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Well done David. I have the red hardtop which I bought on the secondary market many years ago.

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