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From the Age of Woodies... [PIC]

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From 1946 to 1948, Ford offered the first woodie convertible, the Sportsman. Built on a V8 powered Deluxe chassis, it was Ford's first model to cost $2000 since the 1908 Model K. This 1948 model was one of only 29 convertibles built in that last year. It was know for its beautiful mahogany panel which were actual WWll surplus retrieved from a plant that had produced gliders. This DM modeled a Sportsman that recently sold at RM auction for around a quarter million US.

48Ford 001 001
48Ford 005
48Ford 004
48Ford 020 001
48Ford 022 001
48Ford 007 001
48Ford 010 001
48Ford 014


48Ford 015
48Ford 016 001
48Ford 011
48Ford 013
48Ford 019
48Ford 018
48Ford 017
48Ford 021 001

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David Vandermeer
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Beautiful photos, Richl!  The mints made some very nice woodies, I have 8, all wagons.

David Vandermeer
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