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Just Let It Boss You Around... [PIC]

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the track, that is. Ford released this Mustang Boss 302 in 1969 to compete with the Camaro Z28 which Ford was horrified to learn sold 7000 units the prior year. With an eye toward SCCA competition, the result was a better car than the prior Shelby GT350 and GT500 in performance and handling. The 302 V8 was rated an understated 290 hp, but the performance was well beyond the stated specs. The engine was reworked to include the tech from the 429. Ford quickly pumped out the first 1000 units with all the aerodynamic add-ons in time for homologation at the beginning of the SCCA season. FM's model has come really nice features but still suffers from large intrusive dog leg hinges on the door. It models all the exterior extras including the rear window slats and deck spoiler.

69Boss302 037
69Boss302 032
69Boss302 003
69Boss302 006
69Boss302 001
69Boss302 007
69Boss302 036
69Boss302 010
69Boss302 009
69Boss302 016
69Boss302 014
69Boss302 017
69Boss302 011
69Boss302 012
69Boss302 034
69Boss302 018
69Boss302 024
69Boss302 027


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SWEET! Some of those 'Stangs can get real bossy when they want to! Smile  

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Love the pictures and writeup on a model I do not have.

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I do not have one of these, but would love it, if I did.

Ed Davis
Inverness, Illinois, USA

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Great pics of this iconic Ford.  I have the FM yellow, red, and Walmart orange ones.

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I love it !!!  

Be still my beating heart... darn... shades of Edgar Alan Poe... Smile

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