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New arrival: DM 1969 COPO Camaro

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Pete Rovero
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My latest eBay purchase: DM's 1969 silver COPO Camaro.  I've been looking for a DM Camaro hardtop without a vinyl top for a while.  The shape of the vinyl tops is way off, IMO.  This one seems to be the most accurate of all DM and FM hardtops.

IMG 2021
IMG 2020
IMG 2023
IMG 2022
IMG 2031
IMG 2025
IMG 2024
IMG 2026
IMG 2029

However, as nice as the top is, the front end is another story.  The headlights are too large, and the grill is too tall and boxy. Check out the following pictures of the 1:1, DM, FM, and DM RS/SS.  I think the old tech RS/SS look the best.

COPO Camaro
COPO Camaro1
IMG 2033

Anyway, even though this plain Jane Camaro is not as accurate as it could have been, it still looks good and fits in with the other Camaros in my collection.

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Tony Perrone
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Congrats! Great addition!

Pete Rovero
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Thanks Tony!  It's interesting photographing a silver car.  It looks like it was shot in black and white, but the pictures are color and right off of my iPhone.  Maybe I should have used a colored background.

john barry
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@pete-rovero ............congrats on your new acquisition Pete......I have a feeling it will be very happy in it`s new home 😉 

______photos of silver cars ?.... I gave up on my GTO after 3 attempts to make it look "alive".....but later found good results on silver foiled poster board in a fall flavored surround (Duesenberg 20 Grand)

20grand (8)


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