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The final 1953 Corvette model.... [PIC]

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Rich Sufficool
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I figure I was about 8 years old (1954) when I gor my first '53 Corvette model. It was huge, maybe 14" long or so. It was by Ideal and had working headlights with a "D" battery located inside the engine. Later I found I could stash my cigarettes in there. LOL It came with a clear bubble top and I remember my dad had to help me assemble it. I found it recently when I was moving and its condition was such that I really couldn't restore it. Then, eons later, I got FM's version which was OK, but with the old tech and low parts count, I always wished for something better. Well, this DM LE is everything I could have hoped for. What happened to FM's '53? I kitbashed it with a Revell plastic model, added exhaust extensions and grill face and mesh screening, found aftermarket metal wire wheels and tires, slapped on a Revell decal sheet and turned it into Bill von Esser's '54 Mexican Carrera Panamericana entry. After posting some pics here, the Corvette guru at DM contacted me and asked if I would send him the model and then did some serious research to ensure accuracy. I actually corresponded with von Esser niece who used to hang out and sweep up in his Chicago speed shop back in the day. She didn't really help provide any technical info on the car, but I enjoyed her anecdotes of who used to hang out there. Some people you would expect... like Steve McQueen... others surprised me. I would never have thought Dave Garroway with his ground breaking morning show in the '50s (you old folks like me might remember the chimpanzee, J. Fred Muggs who was a regular on the show). I always thought of him as the quintessential nerd and yet he was a real gearhead. OK, enough reminiscing, here's the DM '53.

53 Vette 004
53 Vette 005 001
53 Vette 024
53 Vette 025
53 Vette 015 002
53 Vette 034 001


53 Vette 007
53 Vette 010 001
53 Vette 009
53 Vette 018
53 Vette 003
53 Vette 001
53 Vette 021 001
53 Vette 030 001
53 Vette 020 001
53 Vette 028 001
53 Vette 016
53 Vette 033

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Geoff Jowett
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great series of recent posts Rich, please keep em coming. "Some people you would expect... like Steve McQueen." Brilliant, as are the first 2 shots with the treed backgrounds.

John Merritt
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I love DMs '53 Corvette models. This one and the later released EX-122 Motorama Concept are both very well done. Prior to getting these models I also had the FM version, which I had for years. When the 1st DM arrived, I wasn't anywhere near as creative as you were with yours. Mine went into its box and has stayed there ever since.

John Merritt
South Lyon, Michigan - USA