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Thursdays Pic's in the Good Old Wintertime.

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Hollis Cornell
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Here is Thursdays Pictures. **Wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving**

Danbury Mints 1961 Ford Thunderbird Coupe Ltd. Ed. in Honey Beige.

100 10675
100 10673
100 10674
100 10672
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Geoff Jowett
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Either one of these is a miss from my T'Bird collection of a hardtop and convertible from DMs 55 -66 models. I'll strike it lucky one day.

Bob Jackman
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Happy Thanksgiving to you Hollis and everyone here on the 1/24 forum. I love this model but I wonder why DM didn't use the wider whitewall which was correct for 1961....they used the correct one on the turquoise convertible and the Indy Pace Car.

John Napoli
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Bob.  The tires had already worn out from all the driving and they could only get thin white walls as replacements.  LOL

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