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1953 Mille Miglia vs Le Mans

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Karl Schnelle
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Not sure why I bought another Alfa Romeo 6C 3000CM, but I just did.  Reserved it previously at a dealer in the US and it just arrived.  I already had a Spark and a Jolly Models.  Alfa ran three 3000's - 21 22 and 23.  All DNF at Le Mans in '53.

Spark 6C 3000 CM Le Mans 1953
Jolly and Spark 6C 3000 CM Le Mans 1953
Jolly and Spark 6C 3000 CM Le Mans 1953 2
1017453357 LAT 19530613 C36065

B&W photo: https://www.motorsportimages.com/

But those 2 above were for Le Mans in June '53, driven by Sanesi / Carini. 

The new one was driven by Fangio and Sala at the Mille Miglia in April and came in second place that year!  Perhaps they took off the rear spats because they did not work well (tire changes, etc) or due to the difference in the two courses?

Spark 6C 3000CM 2nd Mille Miglia 1953 602 Fangio Sala

B&W photo: https://www.pitpass.com/public/print_article.php?fes_art_id=22999

I do like the design from the front but the back does seem to have a large butt!  😮 See https://stevemckelvie.wordpress.com/2014/05/29/alfa-romeo-6c-3000-cm-another-great-mille-miglia-car/    These were not really successful in racing and only 5 or 6 were built in the end.





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David Green
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Nice models of the Le Mans and Mille Miglia 1953 Alfa Romeo 3000CMs. I enjoyed your history and references. I did note on some images of the Fangio Mille Miglia car that it was running with the rear spats in place. They must have been removed at some point in the race. But for that steering problem, Fangio would have won, I think. He was leading at Florence before the problem. Thanks for this post Karl.

Harv Goranson
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Great post Karl! I almost bought at least one of those - they were pretty cars, too bad they DNF'd at Le Mans.