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1955 Chrysler C300 by Brooklin

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In 2000 Brooklin released BRK 19a which was a revision of an earlier version BRK 19. BRK 19 A had more detail and was finished in a delicious shade of white called Platinum White.  Even compared to today’s  standards this early Brooklin model measures well. Here are views of the actual car together with BRK 19 A.


1E405682 245F 4200 A99B A1CC5702CDFC
4052EA23 46B4 4F7C BE9D F93B02336DE1
17A77436 4833 4094 A487 25DC4E07EF67
BF3189CD 6FD9 46D8 ADF2 8248CC2238E0
D154F3CC BD8C 40E9 AAF5 8C4556F0D9D8
978855F4 F3ED 4A51 AA20 E2361EE16E78
DC6F98B4 8DC7 4E35 8EE2 BCA7A63AC99A
26200764 5647 4CEF B1E8 48B120D72112
29EA69CF 7A57 4C1E 969B 5C00FB04B1E2


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