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1957 Pontiac Safari finished in Limefire Green/Seacrest Green

David Knight
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Brooklin has done the ‘57 Pontiac Safari in two factory color schemes, this one and a blue version. Brooklin also has done one in the Pink Edition Series. Though attractive as a model, it is not a factory color.

0D2B8F1C 15B1 4528 B902 8D9F0DF5F551
C436A8AF E787 455E 8234 5D4A5C7217B5
E03B651F 89F4 4AA1 AA27 F68A84E09B23
AEFE64D0 E49F 479C 9B51 1C9A74DC3F00
7F473693 0ABD 4EE0 A658 FA80CBCF432B
77D24492 D8E9 43E0 8C77 C53FBFF22A7D
874C3650 F75F 4846 A784 D1FAB0B25C3B




David Knight
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John Merritt
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That is an excellent comparison David. I'd say Brooklin did an wonderful job in replicating the 1:1.

John Merritt
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