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1966 Oldsmobile Toronado by Kirk models, Denmark

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John Quilter
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Discovered this Oldsmobile Toronado on my shelves that escaped my usually accurate inventory spreadsheet.  It is marked Kirk Denmark.   Not heard of this maker but it may be related to Tekno.  Has opening hood, doors, trunk and pop up headlamps.  Shut lines are quite acceptable.  Who knows about these?


1966 Oldsmobile Toronado
1966 Oldsmobile Toronado #2


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John F. Quilter
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Chris Sweetman
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Kirk was the actual manufacturer of this Olds Toronado but it was marketed under the Tekno banner.

When Tekno went bust Kirk decided to continue producing this model and do the marketing themselves.

The base was altered to Kirk as in your example.

So to summarise whatever label this model flies under it is a Kirk.



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David Green
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I have several Jaguar E-Types types with Kirk on the base instead of Tekno. I too have a Toronado and will have to dig it out to see what the base says.

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Karl Schnelle
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Don't know how I missed this one!  Chris is right!  Kirk made some of the Tekno (Denmark) toy cars until their agreement ended in 1969.  Then in 1970-71, the Tekno name was replaced with Kirk on the baseplates.  New boxes were made, marked Model Products and were black.  So the Toro came with either Tekno or Kirk on the baseplate!  Many colors were issued.

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