49/50 Ford 🎶
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49/50 Ford 🎶

Frank Reed
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49/50 Ford (First Response Replicas (2012))

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Frank Reed
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David Holcombe
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I like the First Response model.  According to my best memories, the '50 Ford had the Ford crest centered just above the round center of the grill;  the '49 had letters spellng out "FORD" in the same general area.  I'm sure there were other differences, but that one comes to mind.  I like the coupe!

Bob Jackman
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The parking lights were different and the trunk latch and ornamentation were also different. Most of the differences were underneath the cars. The 49s had very little protection from the elements and more wheel well sheet metal was added for 1950.

Harv Goranson
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I recently received this 1950 Ford taxi by Motor City. I plan to do some polishing on the bumpers, grille and other "chrome" and may repost afterwards.

Motor City MC 23 Ford Taxi 1950 pic1
Motor City MC 23 Ford Taxi 1950 pic2
Motor City MC 23 Ford Taxi 1950 pic3

John Quilter
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1949 had an external fuel filler.  1950 cars put it under a door.

John F. Quilter
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