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Another fluorescent Dinky - the Fiat Abarth!

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I showed the bright glowing red Alfa a few days ago so I dug out its siter, the #202 Fiat Abarth 2000.  Same style box but it has the dreaded hard plastic 'speedwheels'!  Rubber tires on cast spoke wheels of the Alfa must have been too $$$ to make as speedwheels so Dinky went the dreaded hi-tech, 1970 Hot Wheels route!  😥  Issued by Dinky Toys England from around 1971-75.

Dinky 202 Fiat Abarth 2000
20220622 104147
20220622 104211

The Fiat Abarth was a concept car designed by Pininfarina for the 1969 Brussels Motor Show.

And the 2 together:

Dinky fluorescent red




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