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Antique and vintage cars (books and the 1899 Rio)

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Karl Schnelle
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While some of you are having fun in Chicago-land this weekend, we are arranging our library shelves in our new house.  These little books (5.5 x 8 in) won't fit and are going to Goodwill. They reminded me of all our discussions here about old MGs and the fact that even older cars are pretty scarce in 1/43...

Cars World Color 5.5 x 8

 These have great color illustrations and are from 1969!  If anyone wants them, let me know...  And here is that famous Rio from Italy many years ago (1899 Jamais Contente):

Rio 1899 Jenatzy Jamais Contente

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David H
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  I know what you mean about the books, and I've threatened to do the same.  They're taking over my display area!  And I admire your old racer, too.

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jamais content means never satisfied.... Laughing Out Loud