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Automodello Checker Model A is here

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Randy Rusk
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Just got an email from Jim Cowen at Automodello that the two versions of his 1940-1941 Checker Model A have arrived.

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I originally pre-ordered the green Chicago one, but kept looking at the yellow New York one. With only 143 made of each, I figured I’d better not wait any longer and added that one to my pre-order last week.

Can’t wait for these to roll up in Fort Wayne.

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David H
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Looks interesting, Randy.  I have never seen this type of Checker, and frankly have not seen many pictures of it. But any kind of taxi was kind of unusual in the mountain city of Asheville, NC, the only source of taxis anywhere near where I grew up.  When they arrive, post us a review.  Thanks.

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Bob Jackman
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I don't usually collect Taxis but this one was so unique as a 1/1 scale vehicle I ordered it in the NYC livery.

Jack Dodds
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Nice to read that my TVR Griffin is en route soon as well.

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I love the look and ordered the NYC version (in yellow of course). I have a spot in front of the GCT, very fitting.

Paul Rouffa
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Amazing, I placed my order on Saturday morning and got it today!