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Brooklin 1960 Lincoln Continental… your thoughts?

David Knight
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Brooklin first introduced the 1960 Lincoln Continental in a top down version in white with a red interior. While I never bought that version, I did acquire the Maple Leaf Poly with top up version released some years later. From the discussion of the ‘56 Continental, I would be interested in what any of you think of the ‘60 Lincoln.

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David Knight
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John Merritt
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I love ❤️ this one! I have all three versions and it is one of my favorite models.

John Merritt
South Lyon, Michigan - USA

Jack Dodds
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I'm not a fan of this era Lincoln (58 thru 60) but I have the limited edition silver one.  I think that Brooklin did a very good job on this model considering it was some time ago.

David H
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It's also one of my favorites, perhaps because its rear window reminds me of the Packard Predictor.

IMG 7453
IMG 7455
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Ed Glorius
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I have the white convertible and the lilac top up. I love them both. These are to me Brooklin at some of its best.

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@jcarnutz I have one in progress as a repaint in copper. Will be posting the completion soon. This car is also one of my favorites.

Bob Jackman
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David K...this model is 100% better than the Mark II model IMO. I have the white top down and this top up version and both are excellent models.