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Diecast for today 10/14/21 - Dinky Toys Vauxhall Cresta

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Harv Goranson
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Recently I received a very nice mint example of Dinky #164, the Vauxhall Cresta, in gray and green. This diecast was always a two-tone, and it makes a nice companion for my cream and maroon version. I did a little research on the Cresta E series, first introduced in 1954. In 1955 the grille was slightly revised with fewer vertical bars. By late 1956 a third grille appeared, this time with horizontal bars. So, I asked myself, is the Dinky (made from 1957 to 1960) a '54 or '55? Resorting to internet images and counting grille bars (yes, I did!) I determined Dinky modeled the 1955 Cresta.

Dinky 164 Vauxhall Crestas
Dinky 164 Vauxhall Cresta green and gray pic1
Dinky 164 Vauxhall Cresta cream and maroon pic2
Dinky 164 Vauxhall Cresta cream and maroon pic4

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Jack Dodds
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I have these two as well....very nice.  I had them as a kid too but of course trashed them.

David Green
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Nice research Harv. I have these also but not mint boxed. The green and grey one is a survivor from by son.

David Knight
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Harv and Jack, I too had the Cream snd maroon on which I bought in a store in Parry Sound, Ontario back in the ‘50’s when we would vacation on an island in Georgian Bay. We would stop at this store on the way and I would buy the latest Dinky Toy car as the Canadian market was slightly ahead of the US market. Unfortunately this one became lost somewhere along the way. Would love to still have it! Thanks, Harv, for this interesting post.

David Knight
Richmond, Virginia. USA

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