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Flight in Cessna 172 over Nantucket

David Knight
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Leaving the house in my Jeep Moab for the airport

8DBB8B7F 7F21 4C1D B665 18B658EF404F

Pre-flight check on my Cessna and take off from Martha’s Vineyard 

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A88E7EB4 8807 4F8C 805E 0FF786B07D4F
98220EDC 9AF7 4A2C B03A BB7FF20975CD

In flight (picture thanks to Graeme Ogg)

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Aerial views of Nantucket

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052536F6 1939 41B7 82D0 64B6AB32C3A4
C4C313CE 3B72 41D7 9DA1 A91B601AF164
E0093148 143F 4751 A5C0 2E944972DBC9
3031504A 631E 4992 BAB1 EA1AF10F29B4
35B10932 E2AC 4966 AAFD 2D1E4D966146
6D95845A E1C9 450C B1FB 92FC22F69BE7

Landing on Nantucket

AAA26887 1DF2 4FA2 BEF8 C8364DD4794B
4251AB26 FB04 45A2 B599 D4C888A81EE1

Flying back to the Vineyard

F4CFE3D2 63DE 4572 AEE7 FF59FE181299


Back at the airport after another beautiful flight

754A5653 1197 40FE 8A42 B5DB6BD8F49A

Back at the house

A5F63FF7 F0AB 4B4B B757 B7929C8E2B11





David Knight
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Ingenious! Thanks for taking us along!

John Kuvakas
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Well done!