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From My Collection... Saturday 1/01/22 #3

John Merritt
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One more for the evening...

This set features three of the '58 Cadillac models from my collection.

Cadillac Eldorado Biarritz, Fleetwood Sixty Special Sedan, Series 62 Convertible Coupe

1958 Cadillac Lineup 1
1958 Cadillac Lineup 2
1958 Cadillac Lineup 3
1958 Cadillac Lineup 4
1958 Cadillac Lineup 6
1958 Cadillac Lineup 5

My apologies, some of these photos are not quite as crisp as I had hoped. Still working out the new photo tent.

John Merritt
South Lyon, Michigan - USA

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Ed Davis
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Nice group of Cadillacs.  I see terms “sixty special sedan” and “series 62”. What, if any, significance is there to the 60 and 62?

Ed Davis
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Briefly, S62 is the base model and the S60S is slotted in just before the limousine.