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IH/McCormick Farmalls anyone?

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David Holcombe
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I have really enjoyed this tractor series, and, looking for something else, I found an Ertl 1/43 tractor that I had forgotten.  

IMG 1080
IMG 1082
IMG 1084
IMG 1079


A pretty good model from about 1990 and maybe $3?  I'm happy to know I still have at least one in my shelves.  Oh yes, the driver isn't Ertl, just one of the little guys who hang around here.

               Enjoy!    David H


Chris Sweetman
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Posted by: @tedweller

Yes. The scale that seems to be the most popular for farm equipment is 1/16 but these are 1/43. 

Hi Ted 

In the UK the most popular farm scale is 1:32nd mainly due to Britains who introduced their Home Farm series in 1921.

Early equipment was horse drawn then the first tractor was issued in 1948.

Tractors were exclusively Fordson until 1968 when a Massey-Ferguson was released.

In 2008 Britains did introduce their Big Farm Range and this was to 1:16th scale.

However, the majority of Britains farm tractors are 1:32nd scale.

BTW the Britains brand is now owned by Tomy.

Robin Hood County
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Thanks again everyone for their posts! Also, I realized later than I mischaracterized the trailer with my Ford 5000 and I'm sure many of you knew that but were too kind to correct me - not the tipper trailer, but the "beast carrier" - of course, carrying the four calves!!

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