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Lots to See in this Miura SV... [PIC]

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Rich Sufficool
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OK... that was a cheesy rhyme. I have a couple of these AUTOart 1/43s and the amount of detail in them is amazing. It has almost the same parts count as my Aa Jota and with the 1/43 the intake grates on the hood are actually hinged.  Anyway, some of you might get a kick out of this Lamborghini Miura SV model.

MiuraSV 002 001
MiuraSV 027
MiuraSV 022 001
MiuraSV 027
MiuraSV 012
MiuraSV 015
MiuraSV 016
MiuraSV 007 001


MiuraSV 006
MiuraSV 008 001
MiuraSV 009
MiuraSV 013
MiuraSV 023
MiuraSV 019
MiuraSV 005 001
MiuraSV 004
MiuraSV 032
MiuraSV 035 001

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John Kuvakas
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Auto Art does some amazing work and your pictures show it off well, Rich. I have this one in yellow. I pull it off the shelf, from time to time, just to wonder at the detail again!

John Kuvakas
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Harv Goranson
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It's a great model - I've posted mine here a few times after Dick Browne sold me his review model in 2011.

AUTOart 54542 Lamborghini Miura pic6
AUTOart 54542 Lamborghini Miura pic1

These were popular subjects for the diecast industry back in the day - almost all the major brands had one in their range. But the two best were by Politoys and Solido, both of whom showed off how many working parts they could incorporate more than 40 years before the AUTOart.

Politoys 552 pic1
Politoys 552 pic2
Solido 161 Lamborghini Miura pic1
Solido 161 Lamborghini Miura pic2

But wait, there's more! Bob Wallace tweaked a Miura even more, creating the Jota, modelled by Minichamps (sadly, nothing opens).

Minichamps 400 103680Lamborghini Jota pic1
Minichamps 400 103680Lamborghini Jota pic2

A few well-heeled Lambo enthusiasts wanted their own Jota, resulting in a few conversions. Kyosho made a replica of Miura SVR chassis 3781, originally owned by Heinz Steber. Only the engine cover opens.

Kyosho 03201R Lamborghini Jota pic1
Kyosho 03201R Lamborghini Jota pic3

David H
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Fine detailing, and your good photography does a good job of sharing.  Many thanks!

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Keko Romero
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It's a lovely model to spend hours looking all the details. Here is mine, in yellow...


By the way, the Auto Art Countach from the same series with all opening parts is another worth model...




Keko Romero Sánchez
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David Green
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I have a significant number of AutoArt models in my collection due to their magnifient detail and tending to be models of real cars that I love. Thanks for this one Rich and Harv, that is a beautiful selection. I have the Solido and the Politoys. I need to have a closer look at the,.